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The EV Cafe is YOUR EV community resource. A place to share and learn.

We come together, at least monthly, with special guests to chat all things EV and low emission transport. We champion good mental health in our industry and we welcome anyone who feels the need to chat.

Take a look at our upcoming EVENTS to see when we are next online, to the CONTENT to see previous recordings or CONTACT to reach out to the gang.

Electric vehicles

Transport is key to combatting climate change! To support this, The EV Café has made it its mission to accelerate the transition to electric or zero emission vehicles. We dedicate time to every sector of the market, from commercial and passenger transport to new technologies and movements.

Air quality

One of the key benefits of moving to zero emission transport is to improve the air quality in towns and cities. Throughout the UK there are areas with illegal levels of pollution in the atmosphere. In 2020 the High Court deemed the death of Ella, a young girl from Catford, directly attributable to the quality of the air where she lived. Whilst we have a legal obligation to improve the air quality, we also believe we have a moral obligation too.

Air quality
Mental Health

Mental health

The EV Café was founded at the beginning of the first Coronavirus lockdown in order to stay connected and create a platform for discussion. The platform became a community where members and their mental health form a central role. The team are passionate about mental health and removing the stigma of depression and anxiety. We believe that by keeping the subject on the agenda, we can help people cope with and overcome this debilitating challenge. Please—always reach out if you need to talk; visit for support.

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