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Mike Cutts: Electrifying the Commercial Vehicle Space

Mike Cutts: Electrifying the Commercial Vehicle Space

 Listen time: 44 mins

In this episode, we delve into the journey of electrification in the commercial vehicle sector with Mike Cutts, Business Line Director at Iveco. With a focus on transitioning from diesel to electric vehicles, Mike highlights Iveco’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The conversation covers the launch of the E-Daily, Iveco’s electric vehicle that boasts impressive capabilities, such as a 3.5-ton towing capacity, showcasing how Iveco is not just meeting but exceeding market expectations. Mike’s background, from his initial foray into the automotive industry to his passion for extreme sports, reveals a leader driven by perfectionism and a desire to make a positive, lasting impact. Under his leadership, Iveco has doubled its market share, emphasising the importance of team effort and the role of people in business success. The episode also touches on the future of Iveco, aiming to increase awareness and continue growth in the electric vehicle sector.

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