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8 May 2024

Paythru Launches Online Survey to Improve the EV Charging Experience

Paythru Launches Online Survey to Improve the EV Charging Experience
Paythru launches survey to identify and address EV drivers' public charging issues. Findings will inform a white paper on 'payment anxiety,' released in July.
John Curtis

John Curtis

Marketing and Operations

Calling all electric vehicle (EV) drivers! Paythru, our Gold partner, is rolling out an online survey aimed at understanding and addressing the challenges faced by EV drivers when using public chargers.

Following the presentation, shared during the recent EV Cafe Partners Day by Sara Sloman, Paythru is reaching out to EV drivers to gather valuable insights. The data collected will inform the industry about common pain points and potential solutions. Paythru plans to compile the findings into a white paper to be released in July and launched at the EV Summit.

The white paper will explore the emerging issue of ‘payment anxiety’ for EV drivers.

Payment anxiety is not a single concept but a collection of issues arising for ‘bolted on’ payment solutions that are not thought through from the drivers perspective. They range from inadequate payment options (e.g. no contactless!), to points of failure (e.g. no internet to download app), to annoyances (e.g. holding a large pre-authorisation payment for 2 days).

Through targeted questions, the survey aims to assess the prevalence and impact of these challenges, with the goal of improving the charging experience for all EV drivers.

Paythru aim for this to be an informative paper that adds real value to the EV charging debate and proposes solutions that improves EV charging for everyone, backed by data and insight that will help inform business and policy decisions. To get that data, they want to ensure their survey reaches as many drivers as possible. Therefore, we hope you can help them by participating and promoting the survey to your audience, so they get robust data.

The plan is to promote the paper widely to the industry via marketing, PR, social and events.

Let’s work together to enhance the EV driving experience!

Take the survey here.