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Guy Haydon: Electric Dreams Take Flight

Guy Haydon: Electric Dreams Take Flight

 Listen time: 46 mins

Guy Haydon, Chief Commercial Officer of AeroVolt, delves into the pioneering world of electric aircraft charging. AeroVolt is a startup building a public network for electric aircraft charging, akin to EV charging for cars. Despite the nascent market, with AeroVolt owning 10% of the UK’s electric aircraft (a total of one plane), the industry’s future looks promising with many manufacturers exploring electric and hybrid models. The focus is initially on light aircraft and flight schools, with electric offering significant operational cost savings. Haydon’s journey from aspiring Navy pilot thwarted by a peanut allergy to leading roles in the electric vehicle and now electric aircraft sectors is a testament to his adaptability and drive. Despite the challenges, including overcoming range anxiety and infrastructural hurdles, AeroVolt’s strategy involves deploying chargers and fostering industry growth through partnerships and technology. Haydon’s entrepreneurial spirit shines as he discusses future plans, emphasising the need for capital to scale operations and make the UK a leader in electric aviation.

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