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Fraser Crichton: The Key to Dundee EV

Fraser Crichton: The Key to Dundee EV

 Listen time: 57 mins

In this captivating episode, Fraser Crichton from Dundee City Council takes us through Dundee’s ambitious journey towards electric vehicle (EV) integration, highlighting the city’s innovative approach to EV infrastructure and fleet electrification. With a focus on reducing pollution and enhancing air quality, Fraser shares insights into Dundee’s strategic deployment of electric taxis, refuse collection vehicles, and the creation of EV charging hubs. His narrative is driven by a passion for sustainable transport and a deep commitment to community engagement, showcasing Dundee’s leadership in green fleet management and infrastructure development. Through collaboration, innovation, and a proactive approach to tackling challenges, Dundee exemplifies a city at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution.

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Fraser Chrichton

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