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Addressing global challenges through smart engineering solutions

As engineering, energy and sustainability consultants, our innovation is creating a sustainable future. At the heart of this are positive user experiences, societal benefits, and asset value for real estate owners and investors.

Making a difference

Our engineers and consultants are making a difference every day. We’re delivering:

  • Decarbonisation strategies for entire estate portfolios.
  • Carbon-conscious structural design of new and repurposed buildings.
  • Energy efficiency modelling of existing buildings and stranded assets to improve performance.
  • Energy and sustainability strategies to influence masterplan design.
  • Vehicle modelling to inform EV charging strategies.
  • Fire safety design and data capture to inform the ‘golden thread’ in building design.
  • Brownfield site analysis to de-risk and unlock redundant assets for future use.
  • Acoustic design to create spaces that improve users experience and wellbeing.
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems to minimise impacts from new housing schemes.
  • Energy transition strategies to promote micro-grids, storage solutions, and new forms of power
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