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The EV Café – “World EV Day Special” – EP 15

Its #worldevday and WHAT a line up we had for Episode 15 of the #EVcafe

Volty McVolt Face (Jonny Berry)

Electra (Me)

Captain VanTastic (Paul Kirby)

X-Ray Specsy (John Curtis)

Self-Charging Superfan (⚡ Sam Clarke ⚡) JUST KIDDING SAM.

Ade Thomas told us the inspiration for World EV day was CV19. World EV Day became a digital celebration of e-mobility. “Climate change is by far the biggest challenge we will ever face”

Andy Alderson – Vanarama CEO/Founder of Vanarama showed us leasing can play a real part in the transition as leasing offers flexibility. 1000 van customers surveyed and 83% would consider EV next time but 90% don’t know how to make that transition

Edmund V King OBE – President of The AA told us how Swarco E-Connect have been at the heart of the AA roadside support who deliver technicians who can repair units. 30% breakdowns with EVs are tyres, wheels and the 12v battery!!

Matthew Walters believes Salary sacrafice is the best way to acquire new tech. LeasePlan has 1.8m vehicles on the road globally and are supportive of salary sacrifice to ensure the employee can obtain a vehicle faster

Melanie Shufflebotham, brought us Zap-Pay from Zap-Map! This is an OCPI basis, with Engenie Hubsta, LIFE and ESB charging. This is a real step for the market, a true ‘watch this space’.

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