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The EV Café – “We Love EV’s”

Just shy of 200 people tuned in for our February #EVCafe with

John, Paul, ⚡ Sam Clarke ⚡ Jonny and Sara, from at least nine different countries!

Paul brings us insight to say vans still account for an estimated 30% emissions within cities and that the sale of EV Vans are increasing but were only 5,266 last year.

Paul introduced Charlotte of @EVThankYou, a heartfelt campaign to reward EV drivers with a thank you postcard which can be used to inspire others. Charlotte has given out (by hand) 3,600 in the past few years

Olly Craughan says DPD UK delivered 11.2 million parcels by EV in 2020 alone, starting with 34 EVs in 2018, 149 by 2019, 700+ by 2020 and aiming for 1,500 by Oct 2021. “It is in everyone’s’ DNA in our organisation”

NEWSROUND brought news of ORCS funding, new offshore wind farms and “Cat news”.

Richard Grigsby, ICENI CYCLES LIMITED, being last mile delivery couriers, including Zedify UK and FedEx, proving that a pedal assisted trike can cope up to 300kgs of load.

Felton Adrian of SWARCO “we need to collaborate”. There has been government funding in the UK bus scene but if we are to improve mass transit, we need pantograph charging and on route charging”

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