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The EV Café – “TRUCKS” – EP 17

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Our 17th EV café was trucking excellent. Clean air, efficient supply chain and a well-connected communities! 

“Great conversation today……I have learnt so much new stuff. Thanks for another great EV café”

Darren Hall FRAIKIN Group “The way forward is to seek collaborative partners. That will be the key to accelerating the change”

Tim Campbell “Grid connections are the biggest barrier to adoption – but we will move to micro generation at depots”

Richard Lidstone-Scott Tevva eTrucks and Technologies “We create mainstream, electric trucks without the price tag. We are not a unicorn!”

Bob Gowans, “Daimler are under EU imposed targets (30% by 2030 CO2 reduction, incumbent on the OEM). Focus in on high mileage, heavier vehicles”

Kevin Welstead SSE Enterprise. “Early engagement is key, to ensure your HV connection is capable of charging large trucks and buses”.

And lastly, Breaking news! EV Café will be LIVE in Farnborough 12th-13th May, 2021 at the ITT Hub.net

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