The EV Café – “Total Cost of Ownership” – Ep 9

What a full house that was! We were pulling apart TCO (total cost of ownership) and even with challenges presented, Jonny Berry 

concludes that “to sum up, EVs work in TCO!” 

“If a driver is looking at a 22,000 per annum mileage (with 15,000 business miles), they save £101.58 a month for a Renault ZOE vs a Ford Fiesta. Over the year with other factors counted in, it will feel to the employee like £2,400 a year better off” Neil Chamberlain walked us through how they made their switch at SSE.

We addressed the fuel cost calculation and how regularly the models are updated in the software, to account for agile tariffs and micro generation, we listen to ALD Automotive consultant team were on hand to answer questions Sarah Gray Matt Dale and Tony Greig BSc Hons, MBA 

John Curtis 💙 flew the french flag to celebrate the announcement today that France will be supporting investment in EV and I flew the flag of carbon reduction by any method, and Paul Kirby shines a light on the real issues and solutions for van management. 

Jon Burdekin 🚘 Fleet Management Consulting showed happy the truth behind salary sacrifice to strike a tax efficient balance.

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