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The EV Café – “The Power Play!” – EP 18

Welcome to the Power Play recap, we had 300+ join us from USA, South Africa, NL, London, all over the UK in fact!

Jonny Berry high-kicked off the session, welcoming us all and asking for a clean fight.

Paul Kirby steps up, “this is us weighing up the fast/furious Vs the slow/steady, and finding the blend that works for our fleets and consumers”

⚡ Sam Clarke ⚡ wages “We do have to charge at home, I am not saying it isn’t important, as is workplace – but only 5% can charge at work, we need public charging!”

Simon Williams points out, “RAC has 500 calls a month for EVs who are out of charge. The vehicles go into Turtle mode and cut out. With our roadside system, we can avoid a tow!”

James Jean-Louis of Zoom EV adds “e-mobility as a service is focussed on what the driver needs. WE offer choice, flexibility and support”

Neil Durno packs an Hitachi ABB Power Grids punch – “When we think of powerplay, we need to strike a balance! We need to do both, to support electric fleets”

John Curtis was our host and compere speaking to the audience and I, Sara Sloman was your impartial Referee, and so the decisive conclusion was:

Blended is Splendid!

(Or is it…TBC) 🙂

#zeroemissions #fleet #people #electricvehicles #techadoption #saycleanairandmeanit #evcafe

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