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The EV Café – “The Only Way Is Ethics” – Ep 10

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That’s the 10th #EVcafe and WHAT a mind blowing session that was. We’ve all been schooled, massively myth-busting theory and practice rumours with the theme “the only way is Ethics” with Jonny Berry, Paul Kirby, Mathew KIZIUK, John Curtis and Sara Sloman on the panel. Café Guests were from Copenhagen, Singapore, Cape Town, and widespread England, Scotland and Wales. 

Graeme Cooper BSc MBA expresses a wish that we don’t all default. If the boiler breaks down – consider your options for a cleaner greener home energy system. Use less, conserve more and seek out green energy.

Euan McTurk took us through #PlugLife evidence showing us that no matter what numbers you crunch for whole life CO2 cost, EVs come out on top and that the concerns for cobalt use lie firmly with mobile phones, jet engine alloys and for refining petrol and diesel for use in ICE vehicles (80%).

Sara adds the marketing campaigns need to be wholesome and truthful, to show we need air quality now. A school teacher popped up to remind us, we need a symbiotic relationship with our planet following this climate emergency, no longer a take-take-take one and that includes the people who live here. 

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