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The EV Cafe – “The Future is now” – Ep 12

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The Future Is NOW!

The 12th episode of the #EVCafe was a showcase of four new technologies from across the globe.

First up was Adam Barmby of EAV bridging the gap between a Van and an Ebike for urban deliveries. With a 150kg payload and a cost just one third of an ENV200 Van, this makes perfect sense. 

Next up (literally up, it was bedtime for him in New Zealand) Michael Eaglen the CEO of EV Maritime showing how their fully electric inshore commercial vessels (passenger ferries) can save 6million diesel ferry journeys per year.

Mark Dickens at Groupe Renault wowed us with their car sharing achievements in Madrid and Paris using the Zoe, with many UK cities on the list for the next phase! Mark says policy is key. 

Alec Sharp from English Electric Motor Co bring a tantalising array of low cost/high quality electric motorbikes which free up space in the city and remove tailpipe emissions. 

Key words from the chat included cake, doughnuts, Star Trek, bog brush, enormous clock, fog horn and yet another marriage proposal!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in, see you in a fortnight for a Local Authority special.

Jonny Berry Paul Kirby John Curtis Mathew Kiziuk 

#electricvehicles #collaboration #saycleanairandmeanit #newtech #thefutureisnow #bogbrush

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