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The EV Café – “Roger Atkins Special” – Ep 5

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Subjects included:

~ Do what we do best. Bring the future to life with innovation, technology and collaboration.

~ Headline news. Renault are reinstating their production lines with a ramp up programme meaning EVs ordered now should have a 3-4month lead time. 

~ Real estate and housing has a huge role to play in EV adoption allowing sharing platforms  and mobility hubs to be a key ingredient for sustainable living

~ Battery tech continues to advance but perhaps we need to go back to basics and educate the value of smaller batteries and shorter range options!

~ E-bikes, EVs, scooters, cycling and walking may retain clean air post CV19 but public transport can be managed to support returning commuters too. 

~ shared assets/monthly subscription service models will support financial uncertainties in coming years. We need investors to back businesses offering this model.

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