The EV Café – Real World Winter Operations

The #EVcafe today including crew from Columbia, South Africa, Barcelona, Milan, London, Oxford, Munich, Redcar, Edinburgh and Bristol to name a few.

Richard Parker from Webfleet Solutions brought us data insight, showing that most EV’s lose anywhere up to 20-40% range if the temp drops to 0degs. Efficient route planning/preheating works but 40-60% EV fleet drivers may not have access to home charging.

Euan McTurk described why batteries lose range, or do not charge as well in cold temps. The more we learn about battery chemistry, the more efficient our range can be. Pro-tip, programme the charging to finish moments before you drive.

Kevin Booker Theory in Practice, sharing how the Brecon Beacon National Park is focussed on solar power, heat pumps and investigating battery storage to ensure they continue to convert their fleet with high ambition!

James Rooney shared 8 years’ experience from running EVs – heating remains one of the biggest range challenges. Second to that, public charging can be expensive and with only a third of 10,000 EVs able to charge at home, this is a challenge! Centrica Fleet System to the rescue

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