The EV Cafe – “Innovators and Disrupters” – Ep 11

One word to describe Week 11 at the #EVcafe : ENERGETIC

We were pleased to open the doors to a wide audience from Scotland, Wales, England and also Morocco, Kenya, South Africa and Guernsey!

We had Edward Sargent from Pivot Power discussing the importance of private wire use for widespread super hubs to support fleet demands in the UK “to build now for the future”.

Sam Clarke bringing us tantalising photos of the GRIDSERVE Sustainable Energy Limited progress being made in Braintree, ensuring disruptive innovation which is also profitable is key for mass EV adoption.

Trevor Palmer brought us EV Blocks which I hope will be snapped up by local authorities and housing developers everywhere.

Ashley Tate brought us the jaw dropping wonders of and how fleets should be considering billing for home charging.

Julian B. Mensah, MSc presented Voltric and how they plan to minimise barriers for EV through flexible subscription.

James Jean-Louis delighted us with Zoom EV who are making huge waves with MaaS offering flexible. usage based access to EVs.

The overarching message was: Educate, Engage and Communicate. What an amazing community 

Jonny Berry John Curtis 💙 Paul Kirby Mathew Kiziuk ❤️❤️❤️

#saycleanairandmeanit #evs #collaboration #futuremobility

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