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The EV Café – “EVSE, Infrastructure and associated Renewable” Ep 6

This week at the#EVCAFE we will be discussing everything you need to know when putting those lovely renewable electrons into your electric vehicle fleet. 

#powersupply #renewable #electricitygeneration #finances#balancing#hardware 

What better way to kick things off than a presentation by the 2020 “Great British Fleet” award winner and all round EV “know it all” Kevin Booker as he takes us through his journey to electrifying what is now the largest EV fleet than any other National Park in the UK. We will also be joined by Sam Clarke who will show us what the first electric vehicle forecourt will look like with 


#gridserve. Then Katie Colledge-Price to tell us how Oxford City Council are going to spend the 41 million pounds from Innovate UK. Finally, Hiten Sonpal to discuss the funding of future mobility projects.

I will be joined by my usual partners in crime Mathew Sara Paul John

Key themes raised included;

Rural locations are possible to electrify but require a range of equipment and a lot of dedication, internal stakeholder buy in plus careful deployment – Brecon Beacons have shown the world it can be done!

Infrastructure investment needs agile procurement. Weigh up all the types of funding and focus on the decision being an “Invest to Save” opportunity.

There will never be a one size fits all approach for charging infrastructure. The right kit in the right place!

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