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The EV Café – “EV Charging” – AutomotiveEV – EP 16

Well! Autumn has begun, the rain is back for our 16th #EVcafe with our panel Jonny John Paul Sam Clarke , Sara Sloman and this week, Graeme Cooper as a guest panellist!

“Necessity is the mother of invention. Give the right combination of carrots and sticks and things will happen!”

Sukky Choongh shares “If there was more infrastructure, more people would drive EV”

David Hunt: Demand is already outstripping the supply of vehicles, it isn’t all about the chargers.

Chris Pateman Jones : Education is key – visually discrete charging is best for residential. 62% can’t charge at home, as 34% don’t have a driveway.

James Wehner at Engenie: Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging

“We need to simplify EV driving. Let’s focus on Human-First thinking” Interoperability and Partnerships is key.

Edward Sargent: “From the private wire side we can enable flexible, scalable and varied charging options. We want to keep innovating on the Network”

Graeme Cooper: We are in an evolutionary process – we weren’t seeing the uptake of EV growth. There is an element of trial and error.

We are in danger of preaching to the converted, and the unconverted focus on things we HAVEN’T done. So let’s stay positive, engage and share! We can be the catalyst

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