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The EV Café – EV Charging – Are we putting the drivers first?

Today on the EV Café we were joined by 200+ viewers, as we asked, “Are we putting the EV driver first?” With so much changing around us, we took a moment to review UK Infrastructure provision, interoperability opportunities and asked what is on the horizon for the EV driver?

Adam Fletcher is from GEOTAB, our newest The EV Café partner sponsor. “This isn’t about transitioning everyone now, it is about transitioning those who can now, and we can guide you through that process”

Melanie Shufflebotham – Zap-Map, updated us on the staggering number of users in one month tipping “160,000 with anywhere between 20,000 – 30,000 new users a month” showing the market swell. “Zap-Map’s key focus is to get feedback from the community and understand what they want/need and highlight issues in the market for Industry to address”.

Linda Grave – CEO of EV Driver Ltd showed us the first hand issues and experience of the drivers in the UK – Linda is a pioneer in our industry and brilliantly summarised the 10 fundamental things that have to change (Slide in pics attached)

Charlie Cook brought an update on the brilliant Rightcharge, which performs two comparison systems, firstly to look at specialist energy tariffs and secondly to show EV home charger options. As the grid is 25% cleaner at night, most people can save £500 a year by switching to a cleaner energy tariff. “Over 7.5m tonnes of carbon could be saved between now and 2030 if we switch”.

The Q&A was lively as ever with questions for all the panelists, including our own EV Cafe crew Jonny Berry, Paul Kirby, Sara Sloman, John Curtis and ⚡ Sam Clarke ⚡ plus the Chatbox was on fire as always with our audience getting stuck in! The Newsround covered hot topics of the day and all that remains is to say is – let’s keep the conversation going! Tell your colleagues and friends; it’s free to attend and every session and you may even win an EV Café Mug!

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