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#VanGeek week! LCVs were the theme with Paul Kirby kicking off reminding us that vans account for 11% of the GDP with 3.4m people relying on vans, expecting approx. 20,000miles a year on our roads. The Clean Van Commitment already has 73,000 vans within 46 fleets in the UK and climbing.

Chris Large of Global Action Plan urges us to strive to adopt EVs but also to avoid millions of miles of journeys in the first place, through walking/cycling and public transport post CV19. John Curtis 💙 for Mayor and also everyone wants to marry Chris so a queue is forming…

Mathew Kiziuk hosted the Q&A via the Mailroom and the polls revealed that 46% of our audience tuning in today manages fleets over 100 vehicles. 

Sam Clarke reminds us that the fleet should be judged on payload, temperature, distance and speed which is no different to cars – consider the optimum journey for the van. 

Simon Brace is a leader in rural connectivity with a fully EV fleet and 22 rapid chargers in the Lakes!! 

Sara Sloman was in the newsroom, so we will be back next week for more on Data and EVs. Stay safe, stay well, see you then.

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