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The EV Café – “Data Data Data ” – Ep 8

This week on our 8th #EVcafe we had a powerhouse of guests, starting with Robert Anderson of Cenex. Data in action reveals hot spots for a need – such as Nottingham using data to reveal ideal locations for EV taxi charging. 

Next up was Matt Stevens VP at GEOTAB showing how data can reveal truths around battery degradation, reminding us the heating/aircon is the main culprit for range reduction.

The chat box was on fire as usual discussing data as a side order in the Cafe including Fiona Howarth and Chris Dalrymple agreeing that simplicity is key. 

Our polls show that 41% of our audience look after fleets of 100+ fleet vehicles, so we were pleased to read the example of Farmdrop improving their range by 27% after using telematics. 

Paul Pschierer-Barnfather wishes ISO15118 is a data standard adopted by all and I remind everyone that for data related projects you NEED excellent terms from the outset. 

Then, Melanie Shufflebotham received a heroes welcome at the cafe and rightly so, with 100,000 registered users and 97% UKs chargers represented.… Sign up for future episodes

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