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The EV Café – Charging Speeds

We opened The EV Café with an ‘EV Cafe Crew roasting’ from Jonny Berry to  Sam Clarke , Paul Kirby, John Curtis and Sara Sloman before opening the debate about definitions of charging rates. We had visitors, from California, Montreal, Spain, Edinburgh, Croydon, Oxford, Brecon Beacons and all across the UK.

Lorna McAtear shared the amazing news that National Grid has now got an “EV only policy” from 1st April 2021. Easter Monday was the greenest the grid has ever been, with 39% Wind, 21 solar 16% nuclear.

Kate Tyrrell brings us the confidence that no matter where you are on your EV journey, the myenergi team can help you control your generated green energy, creating the ultimate eco-smart home

Tim Campbell says, ”we are educators, but we have a big issue with Vans”. Working time directive and tachograph, states that for all 3.5t their max journey ~250miles (Then the vehicle can stop for a recharge if the infrastructure is there)

Millie Pardoe brings us insight to how Pivot Power bring the capacity needed. High powered charging can leads to capacity constraints and requires upgrades. The private wire arrangement bypass this need.

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