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Spirii is a global EV charging platform provider, offering pioneering software technology that allow businesses in all industries easily build, operate and scale an EV charging solution – backed by the cloud and with a continuously-developing feature suite. It’s never been easier to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving market, meet customer demand, and unlock new value streams.

With our end-user charging app EV drivers can drive their EV across borders and access chargers world-wide. They get multiple payment options, easy filtering, smart navigation, and customizable home smart charging tools – all of which give them full flexibility and unrivaled convenience.

We have been leading the charge towards smarter, simpler eMobility for the past 12 years, both as charge point operator and platform provider. We know what it takes to drive electric, and in all our efforts to develop the best charging platform solutions, we always put humans behind the wheel first. Our belief that eMobility can change the world is at the core of our brand, and we strive to innovate new ways of working together towards a future we’re all proud of.

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