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Paul Allera: Let’s Enhance Our Understanding

Paul Allera: Let’s Enhance Our Understanding

 Listen time: 56 mins

Paul Allera, Technical Director at the RHA (The Road Haulage Association) shares his journey in the transport industry, emphasising the significance of giving back and supporting the SMEs within the road haulage sector. His rich background, beginning as an apprentice mechanic and evolving through various roles, highlights a deep-rooted passion for the sector. He underlines the importance of mentorship and development within the industry, showcasing a commitment to enriching the SMEs that form the backbone of transport logistics. The conversation also ventures into the realm of electric vehicles and the challenges and opportunities presented by the shift towards a zero-emission future. The need for government support, better infrastructure, and a community-driven approach to tackle these challenges is underscored. Allera’s infectious positivity and dedication to the transport sector shine through, offering insights into the evolving landscape of road haulage and the collective effort required to navigate towards a sustainable future.

Paul Allera


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