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Episode 49: Renee Rogers: ONO, it’s Renee Rogers

Episode 49: Renee Rogers: ONO, it’s Renee Rogers

 Listen time: 54 mins

Renee Rogers, CEO and founder of ONO, discussed her journey from managing a fleet of vehicles to creating a tech company aimed at streamlining the reporting and management of road traffic incidents for fleet owners and drivers. With a background that transitioned from the wedding industry to fleet management, Renee identified a gap in the efficient handling of accidents. This realisation led her to develop ONO, a solution designed to aid drivers in reporting accidents quickly and efficiently. Launching after extensive beta testing, ONO promises a revolutionary approach to fleet management, emphasising data transparency and the empowerment of fleet owners. Renee’s resilience and determination shine through as she outlines her vision for taking ONO global, starting with English-speaking markets and expanding with a multilingual app. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and the importance of data in transforming fleet safety and efficiency.

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Renee Rogers

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