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Episode 45: Martin Dorey: Making Sustainability Cool

Episode 45: Martin Dorey: Making Sustainability Cool

 Listen time: 64 mins

Martin Dorey, author and surfer, delves into his passion for sustainable living, especially through the lens of camping, surfing, and EVs. His initiative, the “Two Minute Beach Clean,” has gained global traction, emphasising the power of collective small actions for significant environmental impact. This campaign led to his book “No. More. Plastic.” marking his foray into advocating for ocean conservation and climate action.

He extends his influence to the younger generation with his series “Kids Fight Plastic,” where he transforms children into eco-superheroes through engaging, actionable missions. These books, along with his “Take the Slow Road” series, encourage a more mindful and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Martin’s conversation is a blend of personal stories, environmental advocacy, and practical advice for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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