Episode 40: Charlie Gilbert: “You’re Gonna Play Again”

Episode 40: Charlie Gilbert: “You’re Gonna Play Again”

 Listen time: 47 mins

Charlie Gilbert shares his battle with severe depression in this episode of The EV Café Takeaway. Despite his successful career and active lifestyle, he faced a mental health crisis, underlining that such challenges can affect anyone. His recovery, supported by loved ones and professionals, highlights the importance of communication and balance in life. Engaging in community work and hobbies, Charlie demonstrates a holistic approach to well-being. His story is a powerful reminder to openly discuss mental health issues, offering hope and guidance to others, emphasising that everyone has the opportunity to “play again” in life.

Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/cctD4GtAvFM

Charlie Gilbert https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlie-gilbert-fd/

Field Dynamics https://www.field-dynamics.co.uk/

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