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Episode 37: Euan McTurk: Batteries, Botany, and Bad Language

Episode 37: Euan McTurk: Batteries, Botany, and Bad Language

 Listen time: 65 mins

In this enlightening episode, Dr. Euan McTurk, a battery technology expert, delves into his journey from a young gardening enthusiast to a leading figure in electric vehicle (EV) innovation. He sheds light on advancements in battery technology, emphasising its environmental impact and future potential. Overcoming personal challenges, Euan shares his vision for a sustainable future powered by informed decisions on EVs and renewable energy. The episode is a blend of personal stories and expert insights, highlighting Euan’s dedication to driving positive change in the world of batteries and EVs.

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Discussed in the episode:

Nail Penetration Test on NCM Battery and BYD Blade Battery

OXIS’ lithium sulphur patents

Euan mentioned OXIS’ lithium sulphur patents, which were subsequently bought and then sold by Johnson Matthey.  They are now owned by Gelion:

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