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Sara Sloman

Sara Sloman

Projects director and joiner of industry dots

Director of Future Fleet

With a background in public and private sector consultancy roles primarily serving Local Authorities, I have been involved in delivering sustainability centred infrastructure projects for over fifteen years. I bring an understanding of the lifecycle of infrastructure funding and the necessary steps required to successfully implement an effective Sustainability strategy.

I have worked for the for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and was honoured to be leading on elements of the Go Ultra Low West project in the West of England. I was proud to be part of the Energy and Infrastructure team at leading law firm, Foot Anstey LLP, where I was able to see every side of the infrastructure debate from developer to landlord, local authority partnerships through to consultancy services.

I am a believer in supporting all modes of transport for a sustainable future and my passion is in clean energy and zero emission mobility. Named as EV Champion in 2018 and featuring on the GreenFleet “100 Most influential” list in 2019, 2020 and 2021, I am very excited for the future to help fleets convert away from ICE vehicles.

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