The EV Café – EV Charging – Are we putting the drivers first?

Today on the EV Café we were joined by 200+ viewers, as we asked, “Are we putting the EV driver first?” With so much changing around us, we took a moment to review UK Infrastructure provision, interoperability opportunities and asked what is on the horizon for the EV driver? Adam Fletcher is from GEOTAB, our […]

The EV Café – Charging Speeds

We opened The EV Café with an ‘EV Cafe Crew roasting’ from Jonny Berry to  Sam Clarke , Paul Kirby, John Curtis and Sara Sloman before opening the debate about definitions of charging rates. We had visitors, from California, Montreal, Spain, Edinburgh, Croydon, Oxford, Brecon Beacons and all across the UK. Lorna McAtear shared the […]

The EV Café – “We Love EV’s”

Just shy of 200 people tuned in for our February #EVCafe with John, Paul, ⚡ Sam Clarke ⚡ Jonny and Sara, from at least nine different countries! Paul brings us insight to say vans still account for an estimated 30% emissions within cities and that the sale of EV Vans are increasing but were only […]

The EV Café – Real World Winter Operations

The #EVcafe today including crew from Columbia, South Africa, Barcelona, Milan, London, Oxford, Munich, Redcar, Edinburgh and Bristol to name a few. Richard Parker from Webfleet Solutions brought us data insight, showing that most EV’s lose anywhere up to 20-40% range if the temp drops to 0degs. Efficient route planning/preheating works but 40-60% EV fleet […]

The EV Café – Christmas Special

So there it was, the last session of 2020, with over 200 people from The EV Café community who we love so much. Edmund V King OBE – We need to embrace all things EV. I am incredibly excited to make sure our patrols at The AA can all be EV! Roger Atkins “My highlight […]

The EV Café – “The Power Play!” – EP 18

Welcome to the Power Play recap, we had 300+ join us from USA, South Africa, NL, London, all over the UK in fact! Jonny Berry high-kicked off the session, welcoming us all and asking for a clean fight. Paul Kirby steps up, “this is us weighing up the fast/furious Vs the slow/steady, and finding the […]

The EV Café – “TRUCKS” – EP 17

Our 17th EV café was trucking excellent. Clean air, efficient supply chain and a well-connected communities!  “Great conversation today……I have learnt so much new stuff. Thanks for another great EV café” Darren Hall FRAIKIN Group “The way forward is to seek collaborative partners. That will be the key to accelerating the change” Tim Campbell “Grid […]

The EV Café – “EV Charging” – AutomotiveEV – EP 16

Well! Autumn has begun, the rain is back for our 16th #EVcafe with our panel Jonny John Paul Sam Clarke , Sara Sloman and this week, Graeme Cooper as a guest panellist! “Necessity is the mother of invention. Give the right combination of carrots and sticks and things will happen!” Sukky Choongh shares “If there […]

The EV Café – “World EV Day Special” – EP 15

Its #worldevday and WHAT a line up we had for Episode 15 of the #EVcafe Volty McVolt Face (Jonny Berry) Electra (Me) Captain VanTastic (Paul Kirby) X-Ray Specsy (John Curtis) Self-Charging Superfan (⚡ Sam Clarke ⚡) JUST KIDDING SAM. Ade Thomas told us the inspiration for World EV day was CV19. World EV Day became […]