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The EV Café are delighted to be creating a ‘Village’ as an Event Partner of ITT Hub 2023 Home - ITT Hub which will take place on 10th /11th May at Farnborough International Exhibition Centre.

Sara Sloman is the Barbara Cox Woman of the Year, 2023

The Barbara Cox Woman of the Year 2023 is Sara Sloman, Chief Strategy Officer at EV fintech business Paythru and Director of The EV Café.

Maxus, the electric van people, do scrappage

Maxus is offering drivers the opportunity to switch to electric and save up to £14,000 on a new zero-emission Maxus vehicle, complete with a free home or workplace charger.

Scrappage Scheme launched, for some, in London

London's low-income and disabled communities are set to benefit from a £110 million scrappage scheme launched ahead of the expansion of the capital city’s Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Myenergi grows internationally.

Our founder sponsor, Myenergi, was not only named one of the 10 fastest-growing private companies in the UK but is expanding internationally, with its most successful export market being Germany.

Electric vehicles are NOT the answer to all of our transport challenges

No matter how hard we wish it, electric vehicles will not solve all the problems that traditional vehicles cause. Yes, they will reduce emissions and if fuelled by renewable energy they will decarbonise transport. However, equally large challenges remain.

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